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Destination Singapore Beach Road is located at
700 Beach Road Singapore 199598
T: +65 6679 2000
F: +65 6679 2008
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@ Eat, play, love. Show your true colours at King and the Pawn, a board game cafe housing over 300 popular tabletop thrills. With a selection of coffee, cocktails and craft beers for every taste, settle in to a cosy haunt that keeps you bubbly through the night. Your late night battle of wit, just a 15-minute walk away – Link in bio Photo credit: @honeycombers #VisitSingapore #TravelSingapore #WanderlustSingapore #InstaTravel #SeizeTheStay
@ Whether you’re wandering through a Hollywood-inspired fantasy land or a vibrant Chinese mythological dreamscape, the world’s your playground with Singapore’s best themed experiences. Take a trip to the wild side — Link in bio #VisitSingapore #TravelSingapore #WanderlustSingapore #InstaTravel #SeizeTheStay
@ Surround yourself with a spirited cluster of cultural neighbourhoods at #YourDestinationHotel. Whether it’s browsing indie boutique shops on Arab Street or indulging in specialty sweets at Little India, stay close to the quintessence of Singapore’s vibrant city life – just a stone’s throw away. Start your day with us – Link in bio Photo credit: @jeromewon #VisitSingapore #TravelSingapore #WanderlustSingapore #InstaTravel #SeizeTheStay
@ Raise a toast to the end of yet eventful day, but by no means, the end of your adventure. Tomorrow awaits for you to do it all over again. Wine down with us at #YourDestinationHotel — Link in bio Photo credit: @nasturciia888 #VisitSingapore #TravelSingapore #CityInAGarden #WanderlustSingapore #InstaTravel #SeizeTheStay
@ Uncover every nook and cranny of Singapore’s rich heritage at the upcoming Singapore Heritage Festival. Unique guided tours and fascinating tales from bygone eras await! Begin your time-travelling experience in Singapore with us — Link in bio #VisitSingapore #TravelSingapore #WanderlustSingapore #InstaTravel #SeizeTheStay
@ Raise the roof, sway with the melodies, and sing along with some of your favourite singers and bands gracing Singapore’s stages this coming April. Just a stone’s throw away from the hottest upcoming concerts – Link in bio Photo credits: @livenationsg @bandwagonasia #VisitSingapore #TravelSingapore #WanderlustSingapore #InstaTravel #SeizeTheStay

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